We never thought we'd hear a client wax lyrical about ‘fraudulent chicken claims'. But this was the nature of the Nando's beast. The company had an extremely popular loyalty scheme but it was analogue. Stamps and cardboard. Naturally, nefarious and carnivorous minds found ways to beat the system – Nando's was the loser. The company took the scheme digital. They needed to get the word out.

















The challenge was this: people had mad love for the Nando's loyalty card and for most, change is a pain in the posterior. So how to position the evolution? Analogue cardboard had its issues. Lose the card and there's no record. Leave it in your jeans and all your poultry purchases are obliterated in the wash. We played up these ideas, coupling them with the benefits of both a digital system and the plastic card. The launch was a smash with socials going into meltdown. 1.4 million new cards registered in year one – spanks muchly.