Dark Reds are on the rise. Beefsteak Club saw an opportunity to ride the wave – creating The Beast. The Beast is a different breed. A mysterious and edgy Dark Red wine made in the deepest, darkest regions of the Douro. Bring on the animalistic, the grimy, the bestial. An ominous message growled from the shadows.

















First rule of horror: don't show all of the monster. Think Ridley Scott's Alien. The imagination is way more powerful than the eye. Tension and dread lives in glimpses, shadows and flickers. Our brain fills the gaps. A teaser animation reflected this thinking. Slowly, we revealed parts of The Beast, coupled with haunting lines, abrasive audio and a full- on Blum House grunge aesthetic. We then rolled out a load of coms for Taste of London Festival for the ‘Release The Beast' launch.