The traditional advertising agency model is redundant. Bloated structures, rigid hierarchies and compartmentalised thinking cannot survive in this jungle. 

Clan B is a creative network based in the UK and Sri Lanka. We change behaviour, delivering stimulating creative with eastern economy.  Streamlined and efficient, Clan B consists of a core advertising agency nucleus, coupled with a vast network of talent from the worlds of branding, advertising and design. No posers. No middlemen. No hype. Just soldiers ready to go to war for you.



 Most agencies would say something sexy here. Something you'd want to hear. That's not us. In this industry of smoke and mirrors, the truth is good enough. We stay in our lane and do what we do. It's up to you whether you dig it or not really.

We believe in Universal Creativity. You see, creativity is more than just an idea. More than just producing something from nothing. It's a force. A force of change. Creativity is the transformation of ideas, rules, patterns, relationships. Producing new ideas, forms, methods, philosophies and structures. It can be applied to anything at any time.

A universal principal with a universal application.

Universal creativity permeates and informs every aspect of our network. It governs how we govern ourselves. Leading to infinite possibilities. Always unlocking new horizons.



We don't want to stroke ourselves with an ego-driven hyperbole brush. It's not about what we do. It's all about what we can do for you. We change behaviour, delivering catalytic creative with eastern costing. Clan B delivers advertising, branding and marketing in all its forms - from digital and print to experiential. We also handle product design and interior design, as well as commissioned public art pieces.








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