Do people even read blogs anymore? Attention spans are dwindling. Expression reduced to character counts. Scrap that. Written rhetoric has been around for eons and will continue to caress us all with its blessings as long as we're about.


The language of innovation

As human beings we want to classify. This is how we make sense of a complex world. Yet categorisation can be limitation. Once we put something in its metaphorical box, we are restr...  more  

Rise of the Universal Creative

It is in our nature to classify. Heaven, earth. Tangible, abstract. Physical, spiritual. This is how we make sense of a vast world. A strategy of containment. Order from chaos. Con...  more  

A Brief Musing

“Adam, Eve…enjoy this verdant utopia. But be careful, there are rules to follow. I expect you to behave appropriately. Failure to do so will have catastrophic consequences. Origina...  more  

Find simplicity. Forget fear.

Green messaging is in. Environmental buzzwords and promises have been emerging out of the marketing ether more and more each day. That is not to say that brands are actually going ...  more  

Frolic in the multiplex

Modern human is called Homo Sapiens ‘the man who knows’ but what is it that we really know? We generate what we perceive as knowledge and meaning from subjective experience. This...  more  

Scratch the itch

It lives within – a constant. That tingle. It starts in the cerebral, flowing in a potent chemistry throughout the body. I feel it in my arms, my fingers....  more  

The obliteration of object

Artistic object is sacred. Or at least that is what we have been led to believe. Michelangelo’s David, The Mona Lisa – thousands of intricate aesthetic choices form a masterpiece.....  more  

Configuration. Not decoration.

Victorian patterns and William Morris, the intricacies of the Alhambra… Tiling was the poetic of ornament. It is perceived as ‘cover' of a plane. Fixed. Dimensionally static. Inert...  more